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Achieving Goals and Work-Life Balance Workshop
Positive Images Festival, Coventry
Thu 23 Jun 2016

Enterprise Business Unit Leader
Corporate and Global Insurance

"I attended Tripta's Achieving Goals and Work-Life Balance workshop. I found the workshop to be just the right balance of theory and practical exercises and I came away from it with a clear plan of which goals to focus on and the next steps (and precise deadlines!) for achieving them.


I would recommend this workshop for anyone looking for tips on ways to manage their time more effectively or clarity around achieving their goals."

Small Business Owner
UK Green Online Directory

"I attended Tripta's workshop 'Achieving Goals & Work/Life Balance' and found the information and advice really useful. Tripta's style of presentation enabled lots of interaction and sharing of knowledge and I look forward to implementing what I learnt."

Mehru MBE
Positive Images Festival

"This was a stimulating, well-organised interactive workshop, delivered in a very engaging way. The format was excellent, with plenty of opportunities for discussions and questions. The exercises set were very relevant.


Through my attendance of the session, I have picked up lots of useful tips. A good feature of this workshop was that attendees were drawn from different work backgrounds. So I found myself learning also through conversations with attendees.


One valuable suggestion made to me was that as the secretary of Positive Images Festival, I should try and make use of noticeboards in places of work, for example a noticeboard in a solicitor's office! I am now determined to use as many noticeboards as possible to publicise future festivals. This was another learning curve for me.


My final verdict: I feel energised, am better-informed and hopefully, will be able to plan and tackle series of tasks at a more relaxed and sensible pace."

Corporate Account Manager
Corporate and Global Insurance

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, I found it very uplifting. I would recommend the session to others."

Project Worker
Community Non-Profit Organisation Management

"It was brilliant, really enjoyed it. Shame it wasn't on a little bit longer. Is going to help me to be more organised and achieve more in my work and life."


"I enjoyed everything about the Achieving Goals and Work Life Balance workshop.  It was a nice comfortable environment, with a nice group of people.  It was nice interacting with the people in the group sharing tips and goals.  I felt like I gained some tips to take with me."


"I enjoyed the teamwork activity, it was brainstorming. THANK YOU. It was an enjoyable and useful workshop."

Green IT Purchasing and Best Practices Workshops Positive Images Festival, Coventry

Small Business Owner & Project Manager
Engineering/Renewable Energy Consultancy

"The ‘green it best practices online’ session was a fun and interactive way to learn about important issues regarding everyday use of IT and how to maintain professional, social and personal wellbeing."

Green IT Purchasing and Best Practices Workshops

Thu 25 and Tue 30 Jun 2015

Renewable Energy

"Tripta is a very inspirational person and always tries to help. Just met her but I think the passion she has is amazing.  Green IT needs more awareness.


What I enjoyed about the workshop was the passion, the environment, the need to help humanity guidance and the group bonding connecting renewable aspects.


Needs universal acclaim. :) :) 

New Business Sales Broker
Corporate and Global Insurance

"Tripta was so welcoming and a joy to be around. She made sure that everyone understood the session as there was more experienced people in IT than others. Tripta displayed a fun interactive session that engaged everyone. It really opened your mind about green IT and I will be more responsible in the future when dealing with IT. 


I really enjoyed the group exercises as they were educational and also fun where my competitiveness shone through. 


Would definitely recommend and I would certainly attend more workshops that Tripta hosts."


"Really informative/interactive session.


Certainly increased my knowledge and awareness in Green IT & purchasing."

Brokers Assistant
Specialist in Technology & Life Science Insurance

"The session was very interactive, an overall conclusion on Green IT.  Tripta also engaged me by trying to relate the topic to everyday life. 


Thank you for a wonderful insight into Green IT.  I really enjoyed the activities."

Library Services Operations Manager and Positive Images Festival Organiser

"I have worked with Tripta professionally as a Senior Manager for Coventry Library and Information Services and as the organiser of the Positive Images Multicultural Festival in Coventry.


Tripta provided a number of workshops for the Positive Images Festival in 2013 and again in 2014.  The work, dedication and knowledge that Tripta demonstrated in 2013 encouraged myself and the other members of the Positive Images Festival to request her to run further workshops for local people.


Ideas and principles are a very important part of Tripta's working method and it was for this reason that Tripta created, organised and delivered three workshops for the Positive Images Festival covering the topics of Green IT.  Meticulously researched and delivered the skills and expertise possessed by Tripta, the first woman to receive the world's first Professional Green IT Foundation qualification, were used to create from scratch workshops educating people on the whole lifecycle of Green IT and how it can deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.


The three workshops run by Tripta for the Positive Images Festival were very successful in reaching a wide range of participants, from all backgrounds and cultures from students, IT practitioners and others with little direct Green IT knowledge. Tripta's work delivered precisely the remit requested by Festival organisers and has since led to discussion to fund and deliver a more in depth and wider ranging Green IT opportunities for the Festival in 2015.


Tripta's qualifications and expertise are recommended to any individual or organisation seeking expertise and commitment in the Green IT field."

Tue 28 Oct 2014

Green IT Overview Workshops

Positive Images Festival, Coventry

Time Management Top Tips - Keynote Speaker
The Connexion - For Women In Business
Fri 4 Jul 2014

LinkedIn Coach & Trainer and Founder of The Connexion

"Tripta gave an excellent talk at The Connexions in Coventry on Time Management. Not only did she give us all a number of tips and strategies that we can use for Business but also for Projects and our Personal Life as well.


The talk was packed full of ideas and simple rules to follow and already have started to deliver results for everyone that was there. She obviously knows her stuff.

Presented in an articulate, easy to understand manner, got straight to the point and delivered exactly what she promised. I would thoroughly recommend her to you."

Green IT Overview Workshops
Positive Images Festival, Coventry

IT Services/Support 

"Everything was great! After building a foundation of Green IT with Tripta, we then teamed together to use this information to provide solutions to IT problems. What was interesting was that our mindset had already changed by the end of the workshop to think all things green!  


I found the workshop very informative and in an open, relaxed environment. The most important thing was how interactive it was, which made it enjoyable, informative and attention grabbing.  I really enjoyed attending the workshop, thank you!"


"It has helped me to understand my responsibility and the small part I can play in reducing carbon footprint. And if more people do the same, we will all have played our part. 


I enjoyed the group exercise. It was also beneficial for me to learn from the experiences of others, who had used IT extensively."


"I enjoyed the workshop a lot. I did not have any knowledge about green it before. I like the way you explained it to us and told us what it was all about. 


You did very well. I enjoyed the course very much. It was fun and enjoyable and you got us to work together. Thank you so much. It was helpful." 

Yan (Becky)
Visiting Scholar from China

"Thank you for giving us a wonderful workshop.  


I'm really appreciated because you are so 

kind and considerate and I learned a lot." 


"I thought it was well presented and informative. I now have a much better understanding of how my personal and general use of IT can make a positive impact on the environment and on the quality of our lives. I would/will recommend the workshop. Thank you."

Motivational Talks
Positive Images Festival, Coventry

Stoke Community Library
Sun 30 Jun 2013

Foleshill Community Library
Thu 20 Jun 2013


"Allows you to understand and realise what you want in life." 


"Helped identify different ways of meeting my goals." 


"It was informative with just the right balance of interaction and listening. It was also very positive, friendly and inspiring.


Thank you Tripta!"


"I enjoyed hearing about the different life experiences and how you can make changes to your life and check the balance of your health, work, etc, and achieve your goals. How to find things you are interested in and passionate about.


Good talk - very interesting." 

Motivational Talks
Stoke Community Library, Coventry

Tue 12 Mar 2013


"Very positive. Helped me to focus on goals."


"The talk was very useful for me. I have learnt a lot of things and had fun. It was relaxing and educational as well."

Tue 5 Mar 2013



Coventry City Council - Adult Education

"I enjoyed the talk. I feel motivation is something that I definitely need topping up at regular intervals and I do feel topped up now!


I am ready to start being happy - making achievable goals and having fun while doing!"


Coventry City Council








Green IT
Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust 
2010 - 2011

Statutory Engineer
Estates Department

"Tripta is a very conscientious individual with an eye for detail, who demonstrated versatility around the areas she reviewed for me.  Tripta's approach kept me informed, very reliable and is very conscious about data security and followed emails up with a telephone call to make sure information was received and was as required.  


Very proactive."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity and Personable

Green IT Awareness Talk
BCS Event, Wolverhampton
Wed 12 Oct 2011

Senior Lecturer
Information Systems, University of Wolverhampton

"Tripta was very kind in speaking to members of the Wolverhampton Branch BCS on the subject of Green IT. The topic was interesting, relevant, and valued by our core audience. Well organised and timed - felt like care was taken to present appropriate material to the audience. The feedback was positive overall."

Green IT Awareness Talk
Tue 4 Oct 2011

Waste Research & Statistics Officer
Warwickshire County Council and Coventry Green Party Member


"The Green IT Awareness talk which was given by Tripta has given me a much better understanding of green IT.  Tripta gave an excellent explanation of what green IT is, the benefits and what sort of things you can do. I would recommend the green IT awareness talk.  Tripta's knowledge of green IT was fantastic and I Iearnt a lot."

Green IT Awareness Talk
Sandwell and West Midlands Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
Thu 2 Jun 2011 


"The Green IT talk given by Tripta specifically on the topic of 'Managing Behavioural Changes' was explained in a very clear manner.  What stood out most for me about the Green IT talk was being told about the laws surrounding Climate Change and Carbon Footprint. I would definitely recommend this Green IT service to anyone working on sustainability projects."

Green IT 
Sandwell and West Midlands Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust
2009 - 2011 

NIHR Clinical Doctorate Research Fellow


"Tripta has been instrumental in raising my awareness of Green IT. Her passion for Green IT is infectious and she has enlightened me on the application of Green IT to the health service. The information she has provided me with has allowed me to inform the newly formed 'sustainability group' about current green issues as well as inform them of 'World Earth Day'.


Tripta is extremely trustworthy, consistent, personable, creative and indeed an expert in her field. Her expertise is applicable to all industries. Applying green initiatives is cost effective to the health service: with the advent of the electronic patient record and a boom in medical imaging equipment; there is an increasing need for a more cost effective, green method of storing data. I look forward to working more closely with Tripta."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Personable, Expert and Creative

Green IT Awareness Talk
BCS Event, Birmingham
Tue 15 Mar 2011


"Tripta's talk was extremely useful. Her presentation was comprehensive and authoritative, and highlighted many significant aspects of green IT use which were both effective and easy to implement. She described both how IT can be used in an environmentally friendly manner, and how organisations can use IT to minimise their environmental impact. She was very articulate and her delivery was clear and easy to follow, and she handled questions well. I would recommend her to organisations both small and large."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Personable, Expert and Creative

Green IT Awareness Talk
Women in Rural Enterprise (WIRE) Networks, Kenilworth
Fri 24 Sep 2010

Small Business Owner of the Award-Winning Karen Delahunty Sewing & Knitting Centre and School of Sewing

"I met Tripta at a Wire Networking Event, where she gave a very good talk about herself and what her business is all about. Her ability to show what Green IT is all about.  She showed us how we can implement small changes in our every day lives to make a difference in the world.  She spoke with clarity and confidence.  Tripta is very knowledgeable and an expert in her field."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Personable, Expert and High Integrity

Green IT Consultancy
Horris Hill School, Newbury
2009 - 2012


"As Eco-schools co-ordinator where I work I have found Tripta's advice and support very useful. She is flexible in what she can offer and without doubt my school is already benefiting. Tripta is very current and committed, caring deeply about what she does.  I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Personable, Expert and High Integrity


Eco-Schools Co-Ordinator

"As Eco-schools co-ordinator where I work I have found Tripta's advice and support very useful. She is flexible in what she can offer and without doubt my school is already benefiting.


Tripta is very current and committed, caring deeply about what she does.  I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Personable, Expert and High Integrity

ICT Manager

"From the moment Tripta was introduced to the school there has been a sense of vitality and excitement about the idea that we can reduce energy usage and carbon footprint in the area of our IT resources. Tripta has a passionate drive to get the IT world to be aware and resourceful in becoming more green. 


I must say that everything that has been done so far has been very professionally executed with clear strategies and targets. Tripta’s communications maintain the impetus of the project and have an essence of that delightfully dynamic personality that moves things on with energy and grace. 


The planning for the project at Horris Hill has been very thorough, exploring every aspect possible from all angles including purchase and usage through to disposal. Although the project is not yet complete, Tripta has not been reluctant to offer advice. She is driving towards what it is that will help us and she is determined to discover all she needs to know that will enable her to find solutions in our quest for a greener existence."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable and Expert

Green IT Awareness Talk
Russell Lewis Accountancy, Wokingham
Fri 21 May 2010

Chartered Certified Accountant, BSC, FCCA

"With the emphasis on publically available accounts to publish the processes that companies are undertaking to ensure that they are considering environmental issues, I needed to ensure that I knew someone who could help me with such issues.  


The presentation by Tripta was impressive and will enable me to recommend her services to my clients and her presentation skills to the ACCA. Her knowledge will be useful for those implementing a new system or upgrading all or part of their old system. 


Whether you are a sole trader who has outgrown their PC, or a company, that has an outdated network Tripta can assist you in both meeting your ecological responsibilities and your IT goals. I look forward to seeing Tripta's touch on the IT systems of my client base."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Expert, On Time and High Integrity

Accounts Assistant

"In a time of recession, cut backs and that nagging feeling must do something for the environment for my future grandchildren and beyond.... does the thought of yet another consultant trying to tell you to run your business more efficiently sends you running to the hills? Then you clearly not had the Tripta Green IT experience.


Tripta is a very passionate and more importantly knowledgeable of her subject of Green IT. Her advice is common sense which will make you wonder why you had waited so long to get advice. Some of her advice costs you nothing extra.


Like I said Tripta is very knowledgeable, passionate and very motivational about her work, the only possible downside is you might leave your office with more energy than when you started. 


What stood out about the services is that Tripta has a lot of energy and passion. We would recommend Giving Time and Solutions to our contacts and score Tripta highly for clearly providing the service to raise the awareness of Green IT to us.


You need to meet this woman like yesterday. Green IT raises lots of questions and this is the lady to ask those questions to and receive honest answers." 

Green IT
2010 May 


"Tripta contacted me when I was looking for IT support.  I was impressed by her professionalism and her down to earth approach. She has a real ability to communicate and explain clearly complicated technical issues."

Green IT Consultancy
Abacist Accountancy Services, Marlow
2010 April

Director and Accountant

"Thank you for providing the Green IT Service.  It was what I expected."

LinkedIn - Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity and Creative        


Green IT Awareness Talk
Friends of the Earth, Reading
Wed 10 Feb 2010

Kat Creative


"I first met Tripta through Reading Green Drinks and later attended a talk she gave on green IT to a group from Friends of the Earth. Although I felt I already had a fairly good understanding of what was involved in making IT more environmentally friendly, I found her presentation very informative. She is obviously genuinely passionate about helping organisations minimise the impact of their technology on the environment."

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