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Driven by values and professionalism

GIVING TIME AND SOLUTIONS LTD was formed on Thursday 16 April 2009.


With over 25 years' experience, I believe that offering people the benefit of my expertise is the best way of helping people make the best use of their time and make a difference. Passionate about health, fitness and sustainability, lots of tops tips are given on how you can live a kind and sustainable lifestyle whilst keeping your focus on achieving your goals and work-life balance.


Founder | Director | Business Owner | Entrepreneur

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"Tripta gave an excellent talk on Time Management.


Not only did she give us all a number of tips and strategies that we can use for Business but also for Projects and our Personal Life as well."

"I have worked with Tripta professionally as a Senior Manager.


Ideas and principles are a very important part of Tripta's working method. Meticulously researched, the skills and expertise possessed by Tripta, the first woman to receive the world's first Green IT professional qualification, were used to create from scratch workshops educating people on the whole lifecycle of Green IT and how it can deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.


The workshops were very successful in reaching a wide range of participants, 

from all backgrounds and cultures."

Project Management Institute (PMI)

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