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Celebrating 5 years in business
Published: Thu 17 Jul 2014

It’s all in the name.

In 2014 April Tripta celebrated the fifth anniversary of founding her company, GIVING TIME AND SOLUTIONS LTD.


Since graduating with honours in Computer Science in 1995, Tripta had been working in IT, becoming an expert in programming, databases, business analysis and project management. She worked at a variety of companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, Transco (now National Grid) and AG Solutions (now Fujitsu), in a number of technical and business roles. However her desire to make a positive difference encouraged her to take her interest in IT in a new direction. 


In 2009 June she became the first woman to receive the world’s first professional Green IT qualification (the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Green IT). She had already started GIVING TIME AND SOLUTIONS LTD with the aim of making a living by applying her skills and knowledge for the greater good.


She initially focused purely on Green IT, giving talks and providing impartial advice and consultancy on how to minimise the impact of technology on the environment. This included educating people on the whole lifecycle of equipment – from purchasing, through usage to disposal – and how Green IT can deliver social, economic and environmental benefits. 


“I was impressed by her professionalism and her down to earth approach,” comments solicitor Alison. “She has a real ability to communicate and explain clearly complicated technical issues.” 


Tripta soon made her name in the world of Green IT. She quickly became actively involved in the Japan-based global online community, GreenITers. In 2010 her contribution to the field of Green IT was acknowledged in a book written by experts based worldwide – Greening IT – How Greener IT Can Form a Solid Foundation for a Low-Carbon Society.  In 2011 she was asked to represent (Ambassador - clearly defined role) Australian non-profit organisation, the Foundation for IT Sustainability (FFITS), at an event.


However her company name comes from her overriding passion for making a positive difference and her interests extend beyond the remit of IT. “I was always determined that the services I offered and my way of doing business would be impartial and fundamentally ethical. This includes dealing with people in a way that 'inspires trust' as well as diverting a proportion of the profits towards worthwhile causes in the UK and internationally,” says Tripta. “I’ve taken my lead from my parents – very kind and giving people who are always helping others.”


Passionate about health, fitness and wellbeing, Tripta has also committed time to volunteering at a number of charities including Age Concern (now Age UK) and the British Red Cross. 


As her business has matured, the ever-versatile Tripta has diversified her range of services to reflect her other interests and expertise. She’s successfully delivered management and business consultancy, mentoring, motivational talks and training in project management and time management in addition to Green IT talks, consultancy and workshops. Clients have covered sectors including health, community, fitness, education and finance.


“Most of my services have evolved either because they are personal passions or because people have asked for them,” explains Tripta. “I’m very happy with the wide variety of people and organisations that I have helped to reach their personal and professional goals over the last five years. 


“As well as helping to reduce the environmental impact of IT I’m helping to make organisations more efficient, contributing towards making people happier, healthier and more successful and helping them achieve a better work-life balance. Knowing that I’m making a real difference through my work puts a smile on my face each day.”


You can read her Professional Profile, and blogs at Green IT and PositivePassions

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